Our Story 

Hey girl hey!

I jumpstarted our brand with 3 things: the relentless desire to make a difference, my minivan and my dining room. In 2013, I invited my girlfriends over to purchase jewelry that I beautifully displayed on my dining room table utilizing mirrors and decorative hat boxes from the local arts + crafts store. I thought I was really onto something after my girlfriends would tell me about all the compliments they’d get when wearing my pieces.

After much fear, I gathered enough money and confidence to showcase my products at a local trade show. The fear was REAL; standing next to these large brand jewelry names I felt completely inferior to represent myself in this way. But I did it afraid and with knees trembling, I styled women at that event and helped them see themselves in a completely new light. I learned 2 things: I can make enough money doing this that maybe one day I could leave my corporate job AND most importantly, I learned my brand is more than jewelry.. It’s my ministry. To help myself grow my brand, I decided to travel all up and down the USA doing these trade show events by myself.

The problem was, I became pregnant. Like REAL pregnant, with twins….Crazy moments of doubt set in and I mean after all.. I needed my health insurance right? Who was I to not only leave my job but leave my job to pursue my business full time right after having twins? It sounded crazy, I know. And it was so crazy that I executed all of those trade shows mostly alone just a few months after giving birth. Driving to Orlando twice in 1 months as a new twin Mom was nothing for me during my first full year of entrepreneurship.

I wanted it soooo bad. However, at the end of that year I had hit a wall both literally and figuratively. After sleepless nights of driving I almost wrecked my vehicle tons of times and I was ready to give up and go back to work. A predictable check and my sanity looked REAL good right about now…Before I completely decided to throw in the towel, I decided to pivot. “What if I put all my efforts online?” So with the same shelving that I used to set up all over the USA for trade show events, every Wednesday night I sat these same shelves up in my dining room and showed them how to wear my pieces virtually. I called it, The Sparkle Party®. It’s where I began to nurture my community.

 3 years later, thousands of customers all over the world shop with us both virtually and in-store and also tune in weekly every Wednesday night to interact with us LIVE on our Facebook page. Our goal is to help women feel undeniably confident about themselves and shine our light brightly wherever we go. Nothing or no one can stop you, except YOU.

 Welcome to the Sassy Jones Sisterhood and thank you so very much for shopping with us! We hope to make a small difference in your day, you definitely made a difference in ours.