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  • New Additions To The African Infinity Collection

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    Our 'Tribal Infinity Collection' has been the absolute best seller out of any collection we've ever debuted, you ladies are loving it! *Insert cocktail toast, Girl I've been LOVING mules*

    So we've decided to expand the collection and add a few more pieces to the fun. The 'Tribal Infinity' collection is curated of handmade accessories from Kenya, that are designed to last a lifetime. The quality of the pieces are purely outstanding and no two pieces are crafted exactly alike.

    Check out our latest from this coveted collection.

    Click The Image To Shop The Look











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  • Bring That Sexy Back!

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    Join us as we takeover the Black And Married With Kids Facebook Page to help you bring the style spark back to your date nights. We'll talk styling for every body type and accentuating your assets with accessories. You don't wanna miss this!

    Thursday at 9pm EST

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  • Sassy Jones Named Virginia's Boutique Of The Year In 2 Categories

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    Hey girl hey,
    If we have not met before, I'm Charis Jones, owner of Sassy Jones. The whole reason I started my business is to help women feel undeniably confident about themselves; to help women smile with each experience with our brand. I want you to know that whatever your wildest dreams are, whatever goal you are really afraid of..GO FOR IT. There are people waiting for you on the other side of your fear, people that need what you have to offer. We all have a purpose and it's not by chance that we've connected. If you haven't tried Sassy Jones before, give us a try and l
    et me know how you feel when rocking your pieces. We are crazy grateful that you voted us 2017 Boutique Of The Year VA for 2 categories, overall (the big one) and online. We couldn't have done it without you.

    Check Out The Winners Around The Country! TheBoutiqueAwards.Com




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  • Looks for Every Occasion

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    Hello Fashionista's, WELCOME BACK!!!

    I'm so happy you returned!

    This week we will be discussing looks for three different occasions; 9 to 5, after 5 and at play (hanging out). The creative team and I came up with this concept for this weeks discussion to be centered around the everyday women planning looks for daytime outings or special occasions.

    We all know that HBCU's (Historical Black Colleges and Universities) homecoming celebrations are just around the corner. I know all of my fellow Virginia State University "Trojans" are looking forward to all of the festivities. I'm sure all of the alumni are starting to brainstorm those perfect on the yard looks or all black formal attire. I created three sophisticated looks for a weekend of fun hanging out with old classmates, sorors, old flings and even teammates catching up on old times. I hope my tips and tricks will get those creative juices flowing and to get you thinking of creative ways to style those outfits for this years homecoming. Please don't forget those statement pieces ladies.Go bold or go home is our motto this year

    A Day Out with the Girls (9 to 5)



     This look is the, "I'm meeting my girlfriends that I haven't seen in years, and I wanna be cute!"

    When you're planning to hang out with your girls during the day, maybe get some lunch and go to a day party, you want to be dressed as comfortable as possible. You never know if you have to do a lot of walking, because we all know plans change quickly when you're having fun and haven't seen your girls in a while. I purchased this outfit from Zara at the beginning of the summer season and felt this look would be the best look for "A Day Out with the Girls."

    Outfit Deets:

    Red shoulder bodysuit- Zara

    Crop floral pant- Zara

    Bootie Sandal- Nordstrom Rack

    Accessories worn:

    Necklace- 'Chenoa" in bronze

    Earrings- 'Reia" fringe tassels in yellow

    Bracelets- 'Grecia' bangle, 'Monet' cuff, 'Inka' bracelet set




    All Black Everything (After 5)


    All black is the ever so chic but safe look you choose when you just can't figure it out. Slim and trim! Usually with all Homecoming weeks there is a All Black party somewhere in the mix. I created an all black look, but my vision was for the focus to be on the statement necklaces. You could literally pair this necklaces with any plain dress, shirt, etc. and it would add life, that no one ever knew existed. With my hair we tried the faux bob look. Creative director Katrina @kmayproduction is always trying new styles in my hair. The shoes just give such glam! I don't see too many gold heels in stores, so when I saw these scandals I had to buy immediately.

    Some women opt. to not go the all black route and want to add color to their black attire. That's totally fine to add colors when going to an All Black affair. I see red done a lot from the past events I've attended.  The team paired different bold but colorful accessories for the versatile look to bounce off the black dress. We also changed the shoes out as well.

        Outfit Deets: 

    Black dress- Clementine

    Both pair of shoes- BCBG

    Accessories- Black Beaded Bib

           Earrings- Allegras





     The Special Somebody (At Play)



    So the word on the street is... the creative team was kicked out of the grocery store. Yes, this is true. But we captured all the shots we needed, so who cares!!

    After you partied all weekend with your girlfriends, you have to have a romantic night out with the bae. Before night out with the boo thang, head to the nearest Kroger and get a bottle of your favorite wine. Anyone tried "Cupcake Moscato?" Anywho, the concept behind this outfit was hanging out with your significant other (at play). Ok ladies lets talk! Obviously, we know the ideal outfit when you going out with the bae would be something more form fitting showing the goodies and curves. But if your man isn't use to your body frame (curves, butt, boobs) by now....idk what to say. Now if it's the first date you better show them curves hunnie!! So for me, I wanted to go with a more boho, free flowing look. I like dressing how I feel and I just like to mix and match clothing. This is another outfit the team switched  accessories to change the look up for preference.

    Outfit Deets:

    White Blouse- TJ Maxx

    Orange Dress- Ciao

    Shoes- Zara (green), Balenciaga (black and brown)


    Look 1

    Necklace- 'Boho' beaded chocker in Rainbow

    Earrings- 'Boho' beaded studs in Rainbow


    Look 2

    Necklaces- 'Zoey' Bib and 'Asha Fringe Bib'

    Earrings- 'Allegra' fringe tassels


    XOXO- LB

    Sassy Jones Team

    Owner of Sassy Jones Boutique- Charis Jones

    Kimberly Coleman- Blogger

    Jadien- Photographer

    Katrina Mazyck- Creative director












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  • Bangles + Bags

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